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Donna Raaymakers, PP-SC

An experienced nationally certified paralegal with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. The added desire to expand her professional knowledge has guided her to pursue a Professional Paralegal Certification, an Accredited Legal Professional Certification, an Intellectual Property Law Specialty Certificate, and a Law Office Management Specialty Certificate. Her honors include receiving the NALS Continuing Legal Education Award in 2016, 2018, and 2020, as well as being selected to be interviewed and profiled in NALS of Michigan’s popular newsletter. Her background and experiences have led her to a number of volunteer and leadership opportunities such as serving as Chairperson of NALS of West Michigan’s Community Service Committee and managing her local Chapter’s Card Project, both of which focus on the Chapter’s We Care initiative designed to create a sense of belonging to our association members and a way of partnering with our community. She has served nationally on the NALS Governance Task Force and Membership Committee, and currently serves as Chairperson of the New Member Welcoming Committee helping to ensure NALS continues as a vital legal professional association in the future.

In the local community, she enjoys supporting the missions of charities that bring comfort and hope to those in need. One, in particular, is the Santa Claus Girls organization. "Delivering gifts gives us an opportunity to do something special for children. It's amazing to see hundreds of cars lined up in the early morning hours ready to deliver thousands of gifts in the hope that every child in Kent County receives a gift at Christmastime."


Offers significant versatile experience interfacing with domestic and international counsel during intellectual property clearance, prosecution, enforcement, licensing, and maintenance of client portfolios. Possesses advanced expertise in patent, trademark, and copyright law and practice.

She has worked with some of the world's largest corporations and innovators on intellectual property's most complex, high technology matters, including innovations conceived at NASA's Langley Research Center and Goddard Space and Flight Center, and is very committed to being a resource to attorneys and clients for up-to-date information regarding rules, policies and procedures.

Donna Raaymakers, PP-SC

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